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LightningChart Pro 1.0
2010.03.27, 15.45.07

LightningChart Pro Publisher's Description

LightningChart Pro is the fastest chart control in the world. It's a multi-purpose chart/graph control with modern, very customizable looks. It provides outstanding real-time monitoring performance while keeping the CPU load extremely low. It’s especially optimized for displaying and handling sampled signal data. LightningChart Pro allows using very high signal sampling rates, high screen resolution and huge amout of series to be displayed.

System Requirements 
Visual Studio .NET 2005, 2008 or 2010, DirectX9 level display adapter

This download (LightningChart Pro) is shareware. "Shareware is a marketing method for computer software. Shareware software is typically obtained free of charge, either by downloading from the Internet or on magazine cover-disks. A user tries out the program, and thus shareware has also been known as "try before you buy". A shareware program is accompanied by a request for payment, and the software's distribution license often requires such a payment." More info at Wikipedia.

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