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Hide IP Easy
2010.03.25, 17.43.55
Hide IP Easy
Hide IP Easy - программа для обеспечения интернет-безопасности, путем замены вашего реального IP адреса на другой. Проста и незатейлива - всего один клик и Ваш реальный IP-адрес будет скрыт, следующий клик и IP-адрес поменялся еще раз, ну а третьим кликом можно вернуть свой реальный адрес.

Hide IP Easy hide your real IP with a fake one, surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your activity, and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with the click of a button.

Key Features
• Anonymous Web Surfing
You are assigned fake IP addresses and protected from hackers who will be tricked by your fake IP instead of your real one.
• Protect Your Identity
Surf anonymously to prevent websites, identity thieves or even government from compromising your computer, tracking your online activities, tracing your exact location or intercepting your private financial information.
• Select Your Physical IP location
You decide fake IP of which country to use by choosing a country from the Choose IP Country window.
• Send Anonymous E-mails
Hide your real IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail.
• Un-ban Yourself from Forums and Restricted Sites
Use Hide IP Easy to change your IP address and access forums and restricted sites that have ever banned you from.

Операционная система: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Размер: 1,52 мб
Лекарство: присутствует
Домашняя страница: easy-hideip.com

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